Global Profile


By identifying success one day at a time in the inspection industry, our team of champions benchmark each assessment made against industry standards and through strategic initiatives and common goals, we will be your partner in achieving success!

The Demand

In recent years, the need to ensure product availability and reliability has intensified dramatically due to the general increase in performance expectancy of the public.

Industry, as well as the general public, demands a high degree of safety in the development, delivery, and use of products and services.

Consistent and trustworthy assessment is best done through the inspection process, and that is where GEI enters the picture. Delivering reliable products for mere convenience sake or bottom-line profit, while important, simply scratches the surface.

Protecting human lives and insuring the well-being of the planet are invaluable ends themselves. Preventing critical failures is certainly not the result of mere good fortune.

The Global Perspective

In large part, a safe environment is the direct result of the consistent use of Quality Assurance and Quality Control precedents accomplished through the unswerving application of cutting-edge inspection technologies, techniques and procedures.

We, at GEI, regard the assurance of Safety as a paramount goal. We want to know that at the end of the day, we’ve done our part by doing everything possible to insure the protection of:

  • People,
  • Property, and
  • the Planet.